Thank you Sophie H.
Hi! I'm Casey Auch and welcome to my food & travel blog.

I intern at a small-scale food hub by day and work at a brewery by night. Sadly, I don't make beer (not yet at least), but I do make food, mostly vegan, and write about it here.

Though I started this blog in 2012, it wasn't until 2016 that I realized I wanted to write about food. I had been working part-time in restaurants for three years and had recently switched my major from Computer Science to English. That summer I read Ruth Reichl's memoir Comfort Me With Apples cover to cover on a plane from New York to Madrid. Then I took a class in essay writing and another in creative writing. In 2015, I worked at a vegetable garden for the summer and in 2014, I went vegan. 

Besides food, I enjoy hot yoga, travel, ceramics, and podcasts.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this blog were taken by me.

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Who is that boy in your photo? That's Jon. We met last July and have been inseparable since. Together, we see live music, drink craft beer, swim in the ocean, ride our bikes, and explore new cities.

Is Jon vegan, too?  No, and it's only ever a problem when I want to go to my favorite restaurant and all he can eat is sushi because, you know, he HAS to have protein. Together, we make things that are easily modified like tacos or pasta dishes. As a vegan girlfriend, I have one accomplishment: Jon likes roasted brussel sprouts all because of me.